Read what Barb's clients are saying...

"I cannot speak highly enough of Barb. I have sold many homes in several different cities, and I have never had an agent who was as involved, communicative, and helpful as Barb. There were many moving parts to getting this house sold, and Barb was like another member of our family making everything happen. She went out of her way on several occasions and made a number of extra trips to the house to get it sold! Barb was also so great about communicating in a very timely manner. As soon as she had information, she emailed, texted, or called. I really don't know how we could have done this without Barb. She was a treasure for our family, and we will always remember her for this."

"Barb made what could have been a difficult transaction very easy. She went above and beyond my expectations. Her communication skills, knowledge, care and pleasant demeanor were wonderful. I would highly recommend her. "

"Barb, Thank you for all your hard work and for helping our family with this transaction. I've done many real estate deals in the past, but this 2-week closing is by far the fastest I've ever had. Escrow was also impressive - excellent customer service. We really appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank you, Barb!"

- Allyson

"Barb was so professional, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We could not have chosen a better person to handle the sale of our condo. She is the best of the best."


"Barb went above and beyond all expectations of a realtor. As we were relocating from another state, it wasn't an easy process, but she held our hand through it all and made it as smooth as possible. She is very knowledgeable about the current market, and did everything with incredible work ethic and professionalism. She was thorough and patient with all of our requests, and was able to close the deal when the time came! We couldn't be happier with her service and the home she secured for us! Barb has become like family, and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. She is the best!"
-Robyn Hustrulid

"Barb is an excellent agent. Over the years I have worked with quite a few. She is very knowledgeable, attentive, sincere and caring. She goes above and beyond to get additional info, give good referrals that may be needed along the way and she drove to and showed me any property that I might be interested in that ranged from a high rise unit to a townhome to a condo to a house from the north side to south side of Denver. I had no idea what I was looking for and she showed me such a large variety, met me last minute and took calls from me late into the night. She remembered what we had conversations about and helped me to narrow down my list. She is wonderful! I would highly recommend her to anyone who might be looking in the Denver area for a new home."

Barb pointed out positives AND negatives about houses and areas we looked at. I felt like she was truly trying to find the right property for me and not just make a sale. Barb was always available to me. I felt like I was searching for my house with a friend."

"Barb Fiest goes above and beyond with her attention to detail, research, listening to needs and concerns. Once a place was selected she recommended several services to determine if there were concerns and this resulted in learning more about the flaws in the house. I was able to decide if I wanted to move forward with the formal inspection. After purchase she recommended and helped me set up a home warranty to cover the furnace and other items. She was also able to connect me with different service people to make some improvements to my home. Her help made buying a home as easy as possible!"

"Barb was professional, thorough and completely delightful completely the sale of my mother's home following an unexpected death. She was personable, accessible, detail-oriented and thoughtful. She marketed and presented Mom's home so well. She was over watering plants, adding air freshness and fresh flowers for open houses. We found the perfect buyers and know that this home will be filled with the same love that Mom put into it. I would highly recommend Barb when you are looking for a realtor that is passionate about her clients and business. Thank you!"

"I have dealt with numerous realtors over the years but none of those were as professional and hard-working as Barb. I have never seen such a detailed and well-documented market analysis as Barb prepared. The past realtors just suggested a number out of the blue for pricing my past houses. In addition, Barb made sure all possible inspection issues were resolved before we put my mother's house on the market. She a/so suggested ways to make sure the house looked as good as it could despite not being updated  I  will definitely recommend  Barb to everyone  I know planning on selling or buying a house. After the loss of my mother, what might have been a very difficult house selling experience was instead so positive."

"Barb Fiest is our realtor. Even though we purchased our home nearly three years ago, I use the word is in the present tense because Barb Fiest is still working with us! Earlier this year, Barb came over and suggested improvements we could do to increase the value of our home. After that discussion, Barb suggested we try to have our mortgage insurance removed. I spoke with Trent Peaker from Megastar Financial, who financed our initial loan. Trent told us the amount our home would need to appraise for in order to have the mortgage insurance dropped. We did the upgrade Barb suggested, then we began the process with our lender to have our mortgage insurance removed. Both Barb and Trent helped us with this process and suggested a full appraisal instead of a broker's price opinion. When it came time for the appraisal, Barb pulled comps and was present at our home during the appraisal. In the end, our home appraised for about $30,000 more than we needed, and we were able to cancel our mortgage insurance! We are now saving $130/month. Working with Barb Fiest and Trent Peaker has been amazing. They both are incredibly experienced in their fields and want the best for their clients. We were able to buy the home of our dreams in a highly sought after location, and we have been extremely grateful every day for that. You can imagine our excitement now that we are saving money on our mortgage payments!"
- Alia

"I used Barb Fiest for the recent sale of my home in Hillcrest. She was fabulous! She was a "partner" and advisor and paid attention to every detail in the process - including getting the home ready for sale, listing the home, vetting buyers, going through the home inspection, and contract and closing on the home. She is a complete professional and I give her my highest recommendation!"

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Barb Fiest and Kentwood Real Estate to market and sell my townhouse in the City of Centennial. The experience was so awesome that I offered to share my experience with others who may be considering Barb as their realtor. My initial thought when selling my townhouse was to attempt to sell it myself using on-line marketing means. Wow, would that have been a huge mistake. I knew there were positives and negatives in attempting this, but looking back, I would have been overwhelmed by the process and the results definitely would not have been as positive. While still considering selling the property myself, I interviewed Barb and knew immediately that she was the person I wanted to represent me on the sale. She performed an evaluation of comparable sales in the neighborhood and surround ing area and recommended a sales price much higher than I would have thought possible. Barb provided recommendations for staging the townhouse and assembled a brochure and video that were simply amazing. When watching the video I had to tell myself this was really my townhouse. Well, within 48 hours I had an offer from a qualified buyer that I immediately accepted. It was far above what I thought the property was worth, however, the buyer realized the value based upon the sales approach Barb took. Looking back, the inspection process was something I could not envision handling myself. There were items in the inspection that took me by surprise but were understandable given it was a 30+-year-old building. Barb led me through what items were appropriate to repair and what items I should decline to repair. The counter-proposals were exchanged and both the buyer and I were pleased with the outcome. Barb assisted me in coordinating contractors to perform the repair work and also met personally with the appraiser to justify the sales price. Barb presented a very professional package to the appraiser with the sales research and improvements I put into the property. The property appraised the property at the sales price and the transaction with the buyer proceeded flawlessly. At the end of the day, both the buyer and I were happy...definitely a win-win situation and an outcome that I was very appreciative of. In closing, I highly recommend Barb and Kentwood Real Estate and would hire her in a heartbeat should I ever sell another property. You will be impressed with Barb's professionalism, knowledge, and dedication."